The Texas Twister Tube Driver™ evolved from a simple idea, to create an overdrive pedal that reproduces the most sought after vintage tones and still be versatile enough for today’s modern music. To achieve this, we have taken this simple idea and pushed it to the limit by combining the legendary sounds of the vintage 808 overdrive circuit and then applying the most up-to-date design modifications. SME has created an overdrive pedal that delivers a smoother more dynamic sound while at the same time remaining true to it's vintage heritage. The overdrive circuit has been tuned to remove harsh frequencies for a smoother more pleasing sound. The Texas Twister Tube Driver™ is available as a standard model with both symmetrical and asymmetrical diode clipping along with a clean boost channel or can be custom designed at the buyers request.

Designed to withstand the abuse of the road the Texas Twister Tube Driver™ is packaged with the following Heavy Duty Parts: Rotary Volume, Tone and Drive controls, a "True Bypass" Footswicth, Power Coated encloser and Silk Screen Graphics that honor the Live Music Capital of the World Austin, Texas. When not getting stepped on or abused by the roadies, the pedal can be found lighting up the studio with masterful guitar solos and driving power chords.


Texas Twister

Tube Driver™


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