SME "T-Koa"™ (TKoa)


Price $220.00


Handmade in the U.S.A.

Works with right or left handed guitars.

60's Style Classic Vintage Tone

SME's TKoa 60's Style pickups are what everyone expects from a set of vintage pickups, but wait there is more! Now featuring open top covers with Koa trim. Words cannot describe how beautiful Koa wood looks on a guitar and now you can have it on your Telecaster pickups.

TKoa Output Specs:

Neck Alnico 3 - 7.5K Ohms (RW/RP) North Up

Bridge Alnico 5 - 7.3K Ohms South Up

Pickup set includes mounting screws and spacers.


We only ship to U.S. customers from our website

for international sells please email us for details.


TKoa Neck and Bridge $220.00

TKoa Neck Pickup $139.99

TKoa Bridge Pickup $99.99


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