Have you ever wanted a Telecaster® neck pickup with a brighter tone.

New for 2018!

SME "Sonic Plus"™ (TSP-A5)

Price $159.99 Per Set

Handmade in the U.S.A.

Vintage Style with a Modern Tone

SME's TSP-A5 Vintage/Modern Style Telecaster® Neck pickup comes with our exclusive SME Magnet Configuration.

Through extensive research we have developed a Telecaster® neck pickup that looks and sounds like a vintage single coil pickup, but has brighter/wider frequency response. As shown in the graph above the TSP-A5 Neck Pickup has a wider frequency response than a traditional vintage Telecaster® neck pickup like our TL51or a Stratocaster® pickup like our STGF64. We have packaged the TSP-A5 neck pickup with a copy of our most popular TL51 bridge pickup to complete the set.

The TSP -A5 uses AWG 42 Plain Enamel Coil Wire in the neck pickup instead of the traditional AWG 43 Plain Enamel for a cleaner more Strat® like tone.

The bridge pickup uses AWG 42 Plain Enamel Coil wire with a zinc coated base plate.

Pickup set includes mounting screws and spacers.

TSP Output Ohms Specs

Neck - 6.0K Ohms (RW/RP) North Up

Bridge - 7.3K Ohms South Up


We only ship to U.S. customers from our website


TSP-A5 (Alnico5)

TSP-A5 Neck and Bridge $159.99

TSP-A5 Neck Pickup $89.99

TSP-A5 Bridge Pickup $89.99


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