SME "Texas Grey"™ (STGF64)

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Handmade in the U.S.A.

SME "Texas Grey" 60's style grey bottom pickups are slightly over wound compared to the "Vintage Grove" pickups . This is a favorite pickup for the Blues and Rock musicians who need a little more overdrive. Vintage 42 AWG plain enamel coil wire with ALNICO 5 magnets. Vintage correct push back cloth lead wire. Mounting screws and latex spacer included.

STGF64 Output Specs:

Neck Alnico 5 - 6.0K Ohms

Middle Alnico 5 - 6.3K Ohms (RW/RP)

Bridge Alnico 5 - 6.5K Ohms

Pickup set includes mounting screws and spacers


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