SME "Texas Wave"™ (ST65)

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ST65 Output Specs:

Neck Alnico 5 - 6.0K Ohms South Up

Middle Alnico 5 - 6.3K Ohms (RW/RP) North Up

Bridge Alnico 5 - 6.5K Ohms South Up

Pickup set includes mounting screws and spacers.


Pickup Position
Pickup Orientation
Pickup Cover Color


SME single pickups are available to guitar technicians and customers who understand pickup magnetic polarity and coil winding directions. It is important that customers know the configuration of their pickups or the guitar can sound out of phase. We recommend talking to a local guitar technician before selecting a single pickup.

SME Stratocaster pickups have the following configuration.

Bridge - South up / Coil Direction - Clockwise

Middle - North up / Coil Direction - Counter Clockwise

Neck - South up / Coil Direction - Clockwise


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