50s style single coil guitar pickups have awesome vintage tone.

Just finished up a batch of 50s Style Single Coil Guitar Pickups, these pickups are loaded with vintage tone. They feature ALNICO 5 pole pieces, 42 AWG Formvar coil wire and cloth leads. Each pickup is rated at 5.9k Ohms so they are typical early 50s specs that are Smooth and Creamy with Clean Vintage Chime. These pickups can be compared to any single pickups designed during the early 1950 through 1957. The specs are very close to the originals including cloth lead wires and wax potting to control or eliminate micro-phonic feedback. We have hand wound the pickups with the proper coil wire tension, number of turns and scatter pattern to produce a pickup that comes in at 5.9K Ohms each. If you are trying to get the tones of Eric Johnson or Eric Clapton these pickups will totally deliver!

We pay very close attention to the quality of all our pickups, we check and double check quality after every step of the manufacturing process. You can feel confident with you choice because we back our pickups with a one year warranty just in case there is any problems, but it is highly unlikely. Please visit our website for more details and to purchase any of our products.  We also sell bass guitar pickups, custom made pickups and humbuckers as well as the Texas Twister Tube Driver overdrive pedal for guitars. The Texas Twister Tube Driver and our pickups go hand-n-hand and work prefect with each other, you will not find another pickup company that also offers a custom made overdrive pedal designed to work with their pickups. The 50s Style Guitar Pickups will enhance your playing, clean up your guitar’s tone, make you sound like you are playing a vintage instrument at half the cost of buying an over priced replica and/or original vintage pickup. For just $180.00 you can’t go wrong with this Sullivan Music Equipments 50s Style Guitar Pickup Set.
50s Single Coil Pickup

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